Alantis Capital backs european tech companies with smart teams from the beginning


Alantis Capital is an early stage Venture firm based in Madrid. Our investment ranges from 50,000 € to 500,000 € with an aim to support our companies for longer.

Alantis team combines experience in technology, operations and finance, having built some of the top Spanish companies.

We have already invested 2,5 million Euros in our current investment vehicle «Centio» that took stakes in 15 seed stage companies in tickets from 50K to 200K € and also in another vehicle not managed by Alantis.

What We Look For

Great entrepreneurs.

We look for entrepreneurs with passion and ambition. At the initial stages investment is made mainly in the people rather than the business. That´s why we like smart founders with knowledge of their sectors and full time committed with the project.

Solving a real problem with a smart solution.

We look for solutions that solves defined and real problems, simple to explain and with a clear advantage over existing alternatives.

In a large market.

We look for companies targeting markets big enough or rapidly growing that justifies building a company around it.

With a clear plan.

We look for founders with a clear plan to achieve their objectives, people focused on reaching milestones. A good idea leads nowhere if it is not backed by great execution.

Final goal of building a profitable company.

We look for building value, and we believe the best way to do it is growing revenue and generating profits.

Market Focus

We are focused in the internet space, but are opened to investments in other áreas if we like the project and we see a clear and defensible competitive advantage. Among the digital market, we specially like:

Enterprise and data | Ecommerce & retail
Cleantech | Mobile & gaming
Education | Ehealth


C/ Basauri, 6 (Edificio Duero) Planta 2ª, Of. 2 · 28023 · Madrid

How to get in touch

If you are interested in working with us or any of our subsidiaries, please send us your CV to


Do you have a project? Summit your project here. If you want to understand better what we look for, you can read more on qué buscamos.