Axel Serena


Tech entepreneur since the irruption of the internet in the 90´s.

Has been involved in Internet Businesses since 1989 as is considered one of the internet pioneers in Spain. As executive and investors, he has being involved in M&A operations in the digital sector of more than €1Bn €, including some of the top Spanish internet exits. He has been Chief Marketing and Sales Officer in (sold to T-Online) and Commercial Director at Eresmas (sold to Wanadoo).

As entepreneur, he founded some succesful internet business like Vittalia (his current venture), Intercom S.T.A. (where he also acted as COO, sold to Cable & Wireless UK) and Ad Pepper Media (company that traded in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange at a 220 MM € valuation, where he also acted as a Regional CEO.

All this time he also has been a very active Business Angel, investing in another 30 startups. He is mentor at Conector Accelerator and Founder´s Institute and member of the board at DAD.

Telecommunications Engineer and MS in Marketing.